Looking for answers?

Have you ever said, “This is so not the life I had planned for myself.”

“How did I get here? What happened to my dreams? What has happened to me?”

“I had such great expectations for myself and my family. Now … Gone!”

“Some days I am angry and confused about God’s will in all of this.”

“Will I ever find a safe place where I can sort this out?”

Navigating life is tough these days – maybe especially for Christians who want to stay true to their faith.   Where can you find help?

There are so many places out there that will give you worldly advice that just doesn’t fit for you spiritually.

You want to counsel with a person who understands your situation and takes your faith seriously.   Someone with a gentle but solid Biblical world view.

Someone who has the training and life experience to know what you’re going through.

Someone who understands the messes of life, and knows that God is in the mess!

Guess what? You’ve found someone who can help you on your journey!

I want to hear your story.

There is hope and I am here to offer you help.

Let’s talk!

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“Midway in the journey of my life,
I awoke to find that I was lost.”
Dante’s Divine Comedy